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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  February 9, 2013 4:00am-5:00am PST

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this, we'll be feeling them for days. >> these images are amazing. we're beginning to get a picture of just how bad the storm is. states of emergency declared from new york to maine. the snow pounded down at an incredible rate of two to three inches an hour in some spots. >> up to 12 inches in new york city to an incredible 3 feet in parts of connecticut. boston got smacked with two feet, leaving people there with a new big dig to deal with. ron who used to live in boston will remember the big dig. it was the largest public works project in the history of mankind. we have a new project for boston now. >> an extreme weather team is where the snow is this morning. fanned out across the storm zone. with the latest on what's to come, how to handle it when you get back on the roads, as well. >> our coverage of the blizzard of 2013, sam champion and ginger zee. let's go first to sam, our weather editor in new york's columbus circle this morning. sam, good morning. >> good morning, dan and bianna.
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we're on a side street here. this is andrew. we've been helping him dig out from the snowfall totals. this is his car. we're going to get it out for him this morning. we have the eight inches of snow. andrew, i'll step on the other side of this. and you keep going. we got about that eight inches of snow in new york city. take a look at the snowfall totals we've got on the boards for you this morning. with some places in connecticut coming in about 34 inches of snow. st. james, new york, almost 30 inches of snow. boston right now -- remember, this is a blowing, blowing, driving snow. it's been very difficult to measure. in the entire overnight event of this storm, with 50-mile-per-hour, 60-mile-per-hour winds. we have boston at a preliminary number of about 18 inches. ginger's been out measuring that this morning. and new york city, because it's almost impossible, everything's in drifts and everything was blowing around. eight to ten inches of snow there. quick look at the radar. we'll show you what's happening right now. you can see the heavier line of snow is pulling away from the new york city area.
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you have the snow from long island, connecticut, rhode island, on into boston area and into maine, as well. we believe there will be acc accumulations there. at one time, we were getting five to six inches per hour in connecticut. with a blinding, driving wind of almost hurricane-force. you have five inches of snow coming in the boston area. we believe you would have five to eight, depending on how light and fluffy that snow continues to be today. how about a wind forecast? 80-mile-per-hour winds in martha's vineyard. that's more than hurricane-force winds in this event. connecticut, 76-mile-per-hour winds. long island, 60-mile-per-hour winds. in long island, we have reports of hundreds of cars, stranded. we have the l.i.e. shut down. people were out in the storm and got trapped. their cars got stuck. we got a big traffic nightmare going out on long island at this hour. and a quick look at where this
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storm goes for the rest of the day. you can generally see that the idea is to pull this low up and out. there will still be snow. there will still be blizzard conditions in those northern areas, up until 1:00 this afternoon. the winds will stay high and gusty. we're going to have 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts for a while longer during the day today in the extreme northern new england areas. and those winds, anywhere from 20 to 60 miles per hour, will continue to blow the snow, even after the snow stops falling. so, you're going to have whiteout conditions later on this afternoon. the best thing i have for you -- the best advice i have for you, in areas like new york city, where the snow has stopped, if the snow has stopped, we can help you get out. you can dig out like andrew and i are digging him out this morning. but in everyone else, where you have blowing snow conditions going on, you stay put until this storm is over because this is not an easy storm to get through. dan? >> sam, thank you. bianna, over to you. >> we're going to show you an
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amazing time lapse video. you can see the dump of snow in hamden, connecticut. more than 11,000 people land in emergency rooms every year from shoveling snow. and gio benitez joins us from hamden, connecticut. >> reporter: in hartford, take a look. this is a whole lot of snow. and one of the big problems is the whipping wind. literally, the wind is painful. all roads here in connecticut, shut down right now. in connecticut, a state of emergency. >> if you don't currently have a reason to be on the road, if you're not emergency personnel that's required to report to work somewhere, stay home now. >> reporter: a warning in hopes of preventing scenes like this, the aftermath of a tractor-trailer accident on snow-swept i-95. but some residents are braving
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the storm to fill up their gas tanks before gas runs out. >> we have a generator. a lot of people don't. >> they're not getting trucks or anything until after the storm. that could be until sunday. >> reporter: across the state, 235 national guard troops are helping with roads, health and welfare checks and emergency transportation. as emergency crews try to get through, officials don't want them to hit heavy traffic like this. some 800 state and private plow crews are out in force, clearing out roads. that's no easy task in weather this rough. >> a tough job. yeah, but it's worth it. got to keep the streets clean. >> reporter: this isn't even the worst of it. and our car got stuck in the snow in just no time. we got some help from road crews who, no doubt, have some of the toughest jobs right now moving the snow. do you normally see snow like this? >> one of the worst ones i've seen. >> reporter: one of the worst? >> yes. >> reporter: and so, right now,
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really, if you're in a car, just stay put because getting through these roads is just nearly impossible. in fact, a car's trying to get through right now. it's not happening. here in connecticut, more than 32,000 homes are without power. so, not just on the roads. but also problems at home, dan. >> gio, thank you. gio is in the middle of that. great reporting. thank you, gio. let's get it up to boston and abc meteorologist, ginger zee, our fearless weekend "gma" meteorologist. she was right in the city paralyzed in the event of this storm. how is it looking now, ginger? >> this is a meteorological dream to be standing knee-deep in snow. but it's certainly a nightmare for so many other people. sam mentioned i've been running around like a crazy woman with this stick. it's tough to measure. i'm seeing 16 to 20 inches. i'm going with a preliminary 18. for boston to get into a historic snowstorm, they have to
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hit 18.3. no matter what they do, this is going to be unforgettable. beantown, temporarily silenced. strangled by a knock-down, drag-out nor'easter. the fleet of 600 city plows is still out in force here in boston. overnight, people fought the incredible winds. visibility near zero for hours. for me, covering this level of storm requires a special chariot. what do i need to do? >> there's a lever. >> reporter: this little one. >> that's the salt. >> reporter: kevin says they can handle one to two inches per hour. but at times, this storm was putting out more than five inches per hour. boston airport reported a 76-mile-per-hour wind gust. to prepare for this mess, boston public schools were canceled. had a good ride on that last one. >> that was pretty good. >> reporter: the supplies were
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gathered. >> need to be prepared. you never know what happens. >> reporter: and the city and state, they did it right. >> stay off the roads. stay home. >> reporter: a rare edict. the streets cleared at 4:00 p.m. friday. and that was not a choice. it's not often you get to stand in the city of boston on a friday night and have absolutely no one on the roads. they actually can't be on the roads. if you're caught here, it's a $500 fine or up to a year in jail. they don't do that often, right? >> no. it's kind of surprising to get everybody off the roads. >> reporter: it makes your job easier. >> a lot easier. >> reporter: a little easier for just one of the thousands that will be working to keep the millions of us safe. albeit frozen into a february weekend. i have to tell you guys, covering this storm, last night, late at night when those 60-mile-per-hour, 70-mile-per-hour wind gusts were coming in, it felt like little needles pelting me in the face. you can get an idea of the drift
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here as i walk along. it is very tough to get around the city of boston this morning. again, we'll look for coastal flooding to be one more surge of danger throughout the morning hours because the tide comes up. but after that, the storm pulls away. i'll have much more coming up in your national forecast. for now, let's head back into dan. >> not over yet. ginger, great to hear the boston accents in your story. making me homesick. here in new york city, where people are normally skeptical about weather warnings, and everything else, after sandy, the defiance is dramatically diminished, which is justified. look at the numbers. more than 600,000 customers in the dark, including 400,000 in connecticut. john schriffen is out in long island, new york. how is it look right now? >> reporter: right now, we're seeing around 10,000 power outages. the power company were ready for the worst.
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we had the painful ice pellets being whipped around. now, it progressed to the soft, fluffy snow. as you can see, we have almost two feet of this stuff here in long island. and it is not easy to clear this snow out of the way. it is pretty tough here. because there is so much snow covering trees, covering power lines, hundreds of power crews from all around the country, as far away as michigan, even canada, were called in to deal with this weather that's wreaking havoc overnight, the storm intensified. parts of long island, under a foot of snow. cars stranded on the island expressway were stopped dead in their tracks when road conditions became too dangerous. as residents wake up, some are finding their lights won't go on. and some of the outages will pile up to 100,000 customers. some who had a week in the dark after superstorm sandy, aren't sure how long the power will be out this time.
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>> can't get much worse. we're hoping for the best. >> reporter: in the rockaway section of new york city, it's a similar feeling of here we go again. this home was flooded during sandy, forcing sheila out for six weeks. this time, she's staying put. >> it's a little disheartening we're getting just hit and hit and hit. >> reporter: many decided to stock up on ice and gasoline for the generatogenerator. the response says this will be faster because they, too, learned their lesson. making sure crews were in place before the snow started falling. what part of the storm concerning you the most? >> not only snow. but winds in excess of 60 miles per hour. >> reporter: it's up to crews like this team, called in from ontario, canada, to go to work. >> dig a hole, put a new pole in. >> reporter: that process, how long does it take? >> could be hours.
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could be minutes, depends on where it is. >> reporter: and these crews who have been called in from out of town, they have no clue how long they will be here. the power company says most customers can expect their power to go on within 24 hours after they report it going out. bianna? >> 24 hours is better than the weeks they didn't have power post-sandy. thank you very much. the transportation network throughout the northeast is shut down this morning. amtrak canceled trains between new york and boston. governors ordered people off the roads. and close to 5,000 airline flights have been canceled. abc's john muller is at new york's pen station with that part of the story. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. travel in the northeast from new york to boston, points north of here, virtually nonexistent this morning. this is a true travel nightmare. things will slowly come back online as the day and the weekend progresses. but the key word will be slowly. let's talk about the trains at penn station. amtrak service still suspended between new york and boston.
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you can head south. you can't head north. there's massive power outages to deal with up and down the northeast. you'll hear me say this again. best thing to do, call ahead. let's talk about the roads. the whiteout blizzard conditions are gone. but the bans on driving, some of them remain in place. the roads are buried in snow this morning. it's about digging out and playing out throughout the northeast. the driving is treacherous. stay off the roads. let's talk about the real nightmare, the airports. 5,300 flights canceled due to this storm. the ripple effect of it will be massive. it's about clearing the runways. new york's la guardia, jfk, newark, should see limited service this afternoon. boston could have limited service by this evening. all these delays are making strangers into very good friends. we talked to people who were stranded together since thursday. >> we met when we were getting off the train and we realized, we're not going any further because all the trains have been canceled. so, we've just been hanging out
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together. in the waiting room. keep an eye out for each other. >> reporter: again, it will be a massive ripple effect. if you're in one nice, sunny part of the country and you're flying today and you think you're not dealing with the northeastern stuff, you might not have good luck. some of the flight crews will be delayed. things will start to come online as we move through the weekend. but it is a travel nightmare. make no mistake. >> a key point you're making. this will ripple out across the country. 5,300 flights canceled. thank you very much, mr. muller. we appreciate it. we're going to switch gears and go from the blizzard in the east to the massive manhunt out west. christopher dorner, a former cop with a vendetta against the lapd is using their tactics against him. right now, the search is focused on the mountains around big bear, california. and abc's david wright is there. david, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, dan, from snowy southern california. bad weather here has made it tough on the search efforts. authorities had to call their troops off the mountain last night. but they are out there in force, first thing this morning. so far, the only fresh glimpse of the fugitive were new pictures taken two weeks ago. surveillance cameras captured these images of christopher dorner. the trouble is, they were taken two weeks ago in orange county. not far from where monica quan and her fiance, keith lawrence, were murdered last sunday. the last photos taken of dorner, before he disappeared. signs like these, armed and dangerous, are on every freeway here. but so far, no one has spotted him. near-blizzard conditions here in big bear lake haven't helped. no eye in the sky for one thing. in this weather, the helicopters can't fly. on the ground, not much better. >> we're going to continue searching until we discover that
4:16 am
he left the mountain or we find him. one of the two. >> reporter: big bear is a popular weekend ski resort. the snowboarders are already back, despite the manhunt. the fresh powder, tough to resist. >> i'm not too scared about it. but you know, it's in the back of my mind, thinking about it. >> funny. i told everybody i'm going to big bear today. and they're like, oh, my gosh. there's a killer on the loose. >> reporter: brian murphy checked with his kids via text message and plans on keeping his gun handy. >> i keep it safe and unloaded. tonight, it will be loaded. >> reporter: at 7:00 a.m. this morning, the police are headed back up that mountain. more than 100 of them. they'll keep searching until they find some sign of where he is. or until he pops up somewhere else. bianna? >> second-largest city in the country on alert. thank you. christopher dorner knows how police will try to track him down. that makes the hunt for him more dangerous. abc's pierre thomas has more.
4:17 am
>> reporter: all across southern california, police on-edge. clear evidence that christopher dorner is a lethal adversary. why? because dorner, a former police officer, was one of law enforcement's own. and the lengthy manifesto posted online, he's writing, i know your techniques and tactics. dorner's former girlfriend is afraid for her life. >> i think it is a scary situation. who's next? you don't know. >> reporter: dorner has participated in dragnets. he knows how to evade police. he's been constantly on the move. from irvine to san diego, then riverside, and now, possibly big bear mountain. and he's aware of police surveillance techniques. he claims to have a list of all of lapd's unmarked police cars. justin served in the navy with dorner. >> he has a great deal of training and experience. using offensive and defensive tactics. >> reporter: he is a skilled shooter who has won awards for
4:18 am
marksmanship. he claims to have a .50 caliber rifle, capable of slicing through police body armor and cars. pierre thomas, abc news, los angeles. >> the question so many have, why not? why five years after being fired. let's check in with ron claiborne for a look at the other developing stories. >> good morning. good morning, america. we begin with a new video of former hostage, little 6-year-old ethan. abc news has exclusive videotape of the first images of ethan after his rescue in alabama. he appears happy and is playing with toys. but his family says he's not talked about the time in captivity in a bunker where he was held hostage for a week. a lot of flights may not be going nowhere fast. but a major airline merger appears about to take off. american airways and u.s. airways are going to join forces and create one of the largest airlines. barring a breakdown in negotiations this weekend, the boards of both companies are set to vote on monday.
4:19 am
a final vote on the merger would follow. and we know what caused the blackout at the super bowl in new orleans. the company that supplied the electricity for the big game says the power outage was caused by a device installed specifically to avoid just that problem. the blackout at the superdome stopped the game for 35 minutes early in the second half. ravens won, by the way. finally, toy stores are all fun and games. but only until you're forced to jump for your life. check out this toy store surveillance video from dallas. one barely avoids a car that came crashing into the store. the unsuspecting shopper had her back to the window. luckily, no one was hurt. >> looks like she was on the phone, too. >> yeah. quite a surprise. toys "r" us becomes cars are us, i guess. let's get back out to ginger zee, in the thick of it in boston this morning. she has the national forecast. hey, ginger. >> hey, dan and bianna.
4:20 am
we're talking blizzard in another part of the country. even though this one will be pulling away at least late afternoon through the evening hours, we have to go, next time target fargo. more than a foot in some of the heftier colors. includes a lot of minnesota, all the way from western colorado. keep that in mind as we go through the weekend. another blizzard and watch and warnings for about five states back in the northern plains. there's a severe weather, too. hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes possible in that region.
4:21 am
>> you know, temperatures here in the teens. the windchill right around zero. and it's not going to get warmer at all. but it will get warmer by the start of the week. 40s for the big cities, like new york, boston. by the time we start. i'll have much more coming back out. but back to the studio. >> i'm looking forward to the big melt. coming up here on "gma," much more on the blizzard of 2013. the storm stopping the northeast in its tracks. sam and ginger with much more. also, steven tyler is the latest celebrity taking on intrusive photogs. why he's not saying aloha to the paparazzi anymore. and the legendary director, alfred hitchcock, says "psycho" was actually a comedy. we'll explain on "gma." keep it here.
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the blizzard of 2013, hitting hard along the east coast and threatening to dump record amounts of snow from new york to maine. blizzard warnings are still in effect from long island, connecticut and eastern new england. amazing footage we're seeing. >> amazing footage. here's an amazing number. 30 million americans waking up to at least a foot of snow this
4:29 am
morning. good morning, america. i'm dan harris. alongside bianna golodryga on this saturday, february 9th. the storm taking a toll. one person dead. power out for 600,000 customers in the northeast corridor. traffic at a stand still, with drivers being told to stay off the roads, even in places where the snow has now stopped. and more than 5,000 flights have been canceled. >> that snow is still coming down hard in so many parts of the country, as well. this storm could be historic, dumping more snow at one time than anyone has seen in years. our extreme weather team is all over the blizzard of 2013. sam is in new york. ginger's in boston. and gio benitez is in hartford, connecticut. >> let's start with sam in new york's columbus circle. sam, we're worried about your lower back with all of the shoveling you're doing this morning. >> good morning, dan. good morning, bianna. it is the big digout in the southern section. we got andrew out and on his way home this morning. you can see behind me a lot of
4:30 am
the secondary roads and main roads in new york city have been plowed and cleared. but we're on the southern part of this storm. and we've got reports of 34, 35 inches of snow. look at the snow totals we put up on the board there. and remember, when we're trying to get a measure on this, these are preliminary totals. we've had ginger out trying to measure things in boston. but we have very powerful winds. throughout the night, we were getting 40-mile-per-hour, 50-mile-per-hour, 60-mile-per-hour, and hurricane-forced winds. st. james at almost 30 inches. we have boston at 18 right now. it may be a little higher. and so does ginger. new york city, we've got you in the eight to ten range, trying to figure it all out. here's the radar. the snow has pulled away from the new york city area. you have long island involvement. a good part of the coast of connecticut. you have the inland snow once you get to rhode island. also, still, you have snow going
4:31 am
on in massachusetts. from there, all the way into maine. this is going to take a little time to unravel this low and get it to move away and get rid of the wind and snow in those areas. expecting more snow? you bet in the places we just showed you on the radar. at some point, five to six inches of snow coming down an hour in connecticut. that's unbelievable. another five inches of snow in boston. 80-mile-per-hour winds. you're going to have 60-mile-per-hour winds along the shoreline. that storm continues to pull away. we have all day. blizzard warnings out until 1:00 in the afternoon for places like boston, where the snow will continue to fall and blow. you still have the powerful winds and near-whiteout conditions. ginger zee is out in boston. i know it was a howling night for you last night. >> i have to tell you. boston, the city, did it right. they got everybody out. said do not be out here. and you didn't want to be. we were some of the last. it was not a good idea. the roads, they've been trying
4:32 am
to get them plowed. you can't when it's going like this. let me show you what it looks like trudging through here in boston. my steps get me all the way to about knee-deep. that's where we take it. and a lot of places throughout new england and a lot of places, it's even higher. thigh-deep in parts of connecticut. and the blowing and drifting. that's going to be a problem, as sam said. you don't need snow to be falling to have blizzard conditions. you need visibility to reduce to less than a quarter-mile. all of that snow and 35-mile-per-hour winds for the most part to be gusting around. we're going to have those conditions all the way through the afternoon. what i really want to mention before we get to the rest of the melts, which i'll be talking about in a couple of minutes, is boston still hadn't said -- the website says, we're basically closed. don't go out if you don't have to. let's go to gio, now, in connecticut. >> reporter: ginger, ginger, ginger. you sent the miami boy deep into
4:33 am
the snow here. we're talking about 36 inches of snow in hamden, connecticut. we're in hartford right now. i don't think numbers mean much if you're here in connecticut, anywhere across the state. all of the roads have been closed here. completely shut down. we're talking about more than 32,000 homes without power right now in connecticut. of course, still a state of emergency. so, the situation here, the problem is really the wind. especially overnight. when we were walking around, that wind was just blowing all over. just walking anywhere was impossible. and so was driving around. dan and bianna, back to you. >> gio, i'll bet you're missing miami right about now. thanks, gio. let's check back in with ron and the other headlines. >> tell sam my car's on 105th street when he's done. in the news, no sign of exlos angeles cop, christopher dorner, wanted for murder of three people in southern california,
4:34 am
including a police officer. authorities are hoping the weather will improve when they resume the manhunt in the san bernadino mountains later today. and jesse jackson jr. has agreed to a plea deal over charges of misusing campaign funds. the deal includes significant jail time. jackson resigned last year, citing health issues. finally, at least someone is having some fun in the snow. this video was posted online of a dog, or a person and a dog, helping his owner clear the driveway. the dog was clearly having more fun playing in the snow. now, it's time for the weather and back to ginger zee up in boston. ginger? >> good morning, ron. let's get right to the other blizzard i was talking about. five states -- i'm not talking about northeast of new england. but five states out west have blizzard warnings and watches. let's look at the storm animation to see what's going to happen here. this is throughout the weekend. do expect some very heavy and blowing snows in other parts of the country. the rockies and the northern plains there. and that warm-up, i promised
4:35 am
you. mild weather is on the way. will it all melt? not likely because we have that much snow. look at some of the numbers. you start to moderate into the 40s. boston, 44, as we start the workwe workweek. >> this weather report, brought to you by target. i can tell you, we had a huge wind gust knock over one of our lights. this storm is not done. i'm going to start something new. i think i'm going to try to develop some sort of water-proof eye liner. >> you need the goggles on, ginger. >> the forecast and beauty tips from ginger zee. coming up on "gma," inside steven tyler's anti-paparazzi crusade in hawaii. can he get the laws changed?
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♪ walk this way talk this way ♪ steven tyler, lead singer of aerosmith, you don't think of a guy that's publicity shy.
4:40 am
but apparently, he does value his privacy. >> he is testifying in favor of an anti-paparazzi bill, hoping to stop photographers snapping shots of celebrities embarrassing moments while vacationing in hawaii. >> reporter: if steven tyler had his way, the paparazzi would walk away from hawaii. the aerosmith frontman, owner of a multimillion-dollar mansion on maui, told hawaii lawmakers friday why they should pass the so-called steven tyler act. >> i can't call the cops and tell them to come because they've taken the picture and they're already gone. >> reporter: it would allow them to sue paparazzi who photograph or video them in an embarrassing way. he told the press, the paradise of hawaii is a magnet for celebrities. i know the paparazzi are there. and we have to accept that. but when they intrude into our
4:41 am
private space, disregard our safety and the safety of others, that crosses a serious line. >> it's quite interesting that hawaii has become the battleground for this issue. often, we look to california as being at the forefront of the legislative battle. >> reporter: more than a dozen celebs have submitted testimony supporting the bill. and who can forget brit's run-in with that photog's car? from justin bieber, to alec baldwin, to halle berry. as it stands now -- >> the law criminalizes paparazzi behavior when they are endangering a particular celebrity. >> reporter: but opponents of the steven tyler act says the language is too vague and could be unconstitutional. still, with two-thirds of the state's senators reportedly backing the bill, stars like tyler could soon be singing a new tune. ♪ sweet emotion
4:42 am
>> reporter: celebrities supporting the bill are enticing the island state with an economic statement. they predicted celebrity tourism and home ownership in hawaii would skyrocket. next week, senators review amendments to the bill. and the governor says he supports the intent of the bill. >> i like how the lawmakers wear hawaii shirts. >> reporter: isn't it great to go to work like that. >> with weather like that, why not? coming up here on "gma," is britney ready to extend her career to vegas? britney ready to extend her career to vegas? that's coming up in "pop news." . tell me we'll grow old together. in sickness and in health. tell me that i'm still the one. that you need me. that i'm your super hero! tell me you'll never let me go.
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we all have the pavlovian response to the techno music. >> even ron. >> i'm grooving to it. it must be rachel time, right? >> rachel time. >> it's like the blizzard, you know? this is a first for me, guys. >> really? >> yes, crazy. all right. something else that's crazy, imagine this. alfred hitchcock's "psycho," the comedy. in a recently discovered interview, the master of horrors told the bbc his classic was meant to be tongue and cheek. he was horrified when audiences took it seriously. i wonder why it did. that famous shower scene in the bates motel. >> i don't get the punch line there. >> horror or comedy, this remains to be his greatest hit and one of the most influential films in cinema. we may here britney spears shout viva las vegas very soon.
4:48 am
yesterday, a rep from spears entertainment acknowledged the company is in discussions -- and ron's breaking out the dance moves. >> get down. >> it reportedly seems in talks with the planet hollywood resort and casino for a show on the las vegas strip. it's brought some of the biggest acts like elton john, cher, celine dion. and her gig, celine dion, $100 million. the holiday season may be over. but it looks like christmas on the east coast. why not take time to reminisce and relive the special memories with everyone's favorite child beauty queen, honey boo boo. she's back with a christmas special this weekend. and we have a sneak peek. take a look. >> the wind blows, my cradle will -- >> well done. >> unbelievable.
4:49 am
>> "here comes honey boo boo christmas special" airs sunday on tlc. bless you, honey boo boo. finally, "sports illustrated" is trding us with a little warmth. it's heating up stands, which features kate upton on the cover for the second year in a row. the cover shows the 20-year-old model braving the frozen antarctic in a very practical ensemble. the parka and bikini bottoms. not surprisingly, it's all over the internet. and the issue was available tuesday. she's only the second model to be on the cover more than once. >> really the it girl now. >> i continue to agree that is a practical outfit. thank you, rachel. >> we should try it. thank you, rachel. >> we should try it. >> no. ♪♪ will you marry me? ♪ yes. ♪ attention. he went to jared. [ female announcer ] create your own one-of-a-kind ring at jared this friday through sunday and receive get set in diamonds rewards up to $1,000
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before we go, a round of applause. robin is back in 11 days. best news we've heard in a while. >> and ginger zee, in boston, with a snow total for us. ginger, quickly, what is it? >> official report, 21.8. that puts us in the top ten. we'll likely be top five. thanks for watching "gma." we'll be back tomorrow. >> historic storm. we'll see you tomorrow, everybody. thanks, ginger.
4:55 am
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4:58 am
>> good morning, even. it's 5:00 a.m. i'm katie marzullo. we will start off with a quick first look at the weather. here's lisa argen. good morning. >> good morning. it's a little breezy in the higher elevations. that is allowing temperatures to stay up in some neighbors but we are certainly close to freezing
4:59 am
stay up in some neighbors but we our roof camera shows how pretty it is, but this afternoon will remain on the cool side. keep that in mind if you head on out this morning. we will be looking at numbers in the 30s and 40s, otherwise mid-50s to around 670 with plenty ever sunshine this afternoon and tonight it will be chili. 40 to near 50. sun setting of a 5:30. date hours are steady and we are continuing to see the dry trend through the weekend into next week. i will let you know later about the seven-day outlack. katie. >> thank you. speaking about weather, what is happening now is a massive blizzard is sweeping through the northeast. it has dumped nearly two feet of snow on new england and knocked out power to more than half a million customers. the storm is also in canada. you are looking live right now at queens, new york city. a dusting of snow over all of the rooftops tre


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